The Hottest Trends for Design Projects: Renvovate with Granite Slabs in Toronto Reno Jobs

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Help your clients renovate with the latest trends for granite slab in Toronto by following these innovations.

In the Kitchen

With granite countertops becoming so popular, your client may want to buck the trend, but be wary of losing granite’s benefits, like durability and stain-resistance. Fortunately, granite is being used in creative ways that may cater to your client’s sense of personal style.
Granite conveys elegance but has been lacking freshness, as it has become the go-to material for kitchen counters. Show your client that granite can be exciting by showcasing different styles and colours. Your clients may not know that blue or red granite is available. Urge them to consider the colours already used in their kitchen—for the walls, cabinets, fixtures, and curtains—so they can choose a granite colour that matches their overall décor. If you have samples, let your client take small hunks of slab home to see if the colour matches.
If you don’t have samples available, ask your client to visit your showroom or the quarry where you source your granite slabs. A photo is nice, but nothing compares to actually seeing the finer details and true colour firsthand. Your client can even pick the actual slab or two that will be used to make that countertop.
Remind clients to consider all aspects of their kitchen. A kitchen with little natural light may need lighter granite or one with golden or white flecks to help lighten the room. Overlooking this detail may lead to a kitchen that’s overly dark and disappointing for your client.
If your client loves marble but is afraid of using such a porous natural stone in the kitchen, granite may be able to offer an alternative. There are slabs that mimic the veining and patterns of marble. Help your client find the right granite slab so they can have the pattern they love without the high maintenance of marble.

In the Bathroom

Granite slabs have found new life in the shower as seats or extra shelving for shampoo and other necessities. Your client may appreciate having someplace to sit when tired in the morning or exhausted after a long day at work.
Granite tiles have long been a coveted choice for the bathroom. When paired with a stand-alone tub, they can really create a spa-like feeling for your client. The tub can even be placed on a small pedestal with granite steps leading to it to elevate both the tub and the style of the room.
Another hot trend is the addition of heated floors to the bathroom. Your client can have the comfort of a warm floor on even the coldest winter’s day. Granite is the top choice for a heated natural stone floor since it’s durable, resists scratches, staining, cracking, and conducts heat well. If your client only has seasonal use of a basement because of how cold it is in the winter, heated granite tiles may be the way to help the basement become more enjoyable even during the winter.
There are so many ways to use a granite slab in a Toronto home renovation, but it’s important to sit with your client to find out both what they want and what they need.